Sunday, June 6, 2010

On the Bright Side

Last Thursday my parents came to town to see Isaac's 4th grade track meet. It's about a 3 hour  trip from their place in Vermont to Portsmouth. I've yet to witness one of these meets myself. But I understand my son's contribution is a minute or two of middle-of-the-pack jogging and jumping. Under the best of circumstances, the trip itself was a heroic act of grand-parental involvement. 

As it turned out, these were not the best of circumstances. The meet was rained out. There was no competitive elementary running to be witnessed. My parents joined my sister for a short shopping trip with a cranky and screaming baby. They joined us for a quick dinner. Then they got back on the road for the 3 hour return trip. 

On their way home, in the darkness on Vermont's route 2 their car hit a moose. The moose had been struck and killed by the car preceding them, totaling the car and moose. My parents ran into and over the large carcass lying in the road. They weren't hurt. Their car was not so fortunate.

The day after their 9 hour odyssey to witness an event that didn't take place - after a morning spent cleaning the blood and gore off their banged-up and undrivable car - Mom had this to report:

We are thankful that no one was hurt. The female driver of the first car (whose car was probably totalled) was much more interested in whether or not she could get the moose meat than she was about her car. That's Vermonters for you!

Sorry that you didn't get to see the moose... but believe me, it's not the best way to have a sighting.

Thanks for the fun day yesterday and the slice of life of each of your families. We loved it in spite of the rain, crying baby, and cancelled track meet!

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  1. Your parents are the kind of parents and grandparents I hope Kelly and I are/will be.... Glad they are all right.