Saturday, July 2, 2011


In the 1998 Micheal Bay thriller Armageddon there’s this giant asteroid on it’s way to destroy the earth. Naturally, it’s up to Bruce Willis and his plucky, quirky companions to saved the world. But before they do, they have some demands.

“We don’t want to have to pay taxes. Ever.”

When I first saw this scene I thought to myself: Well, that’s pretty stupid. In the face certain calamity nobody could possibly be so petty. If there’s a pending disaster that will destroy you and everyone you hold dear, how could someone with the power to avert this catastrophe refuse to so? So they can argue over tax rates? Who could be that craven and stupid?

After watching the debt ceiling debate in Washington, we have our answer. The entire Washington GOP is precisely that craven and stupid.

First the GOP took the incredibly irresponsible step of taking the US economy hostage. They are threatening to destroy it by refusing the raise the debt ceiling unless the Democrats agree to trillions of dollars in spending cuts. Now, the Republicans have walked out of the negotiations, after trillions of dollars of spending cuts have been agreed to, because the Democrats has also suggested revenue increases.

This is madness. Unlike, Bruce Wills the GOP isn’t even being asked to climb a rocket and blow up a giant asteroid. If they want to avoid economic armageddon all they have to is call a vote to avert it. The fact that they refuse to do so tells you how irresponsible they have become.

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