Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lost Secrets of the Storyline

During my time as VTES Storyline coordinator I designed a few events that never made it off the drawing board. I thought I might share them now. Interested groups can take them for a spin or just gaze at them longingly - imagining the storylines that might have been...

Wars of Ascendancy: This was my first pitch when I became storyline coordinator. The idea was to start things off with a bang and a global war. And it wouldn’t have required any new cards to be printed. But White Wolf wanted a sealed league so I pitched...

Secrets of the Mazzeri: I was trying come come with a sealed league to go with the Lords of the Night set. The independent clans don’t have much in common. Their origins do have share a rough geographical proximity around the Mediterranean. That was the genesis for this theme.
Then I found out that Lords of the Night had already been printed and next set would be Twilight Rebellion and so my focus went to the Anarchs & Alastors event.

Siege of Mexico City: This is an event design I had waiting in the wings as a possible next event after Battle Lines.

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