Sunday, September 19, 2010

VTES Storyline Credits

A lot of work went into creating and running the VTES Storyline Events. It was an all volunteer effort, and I’m proud of what we were able to produce. I want to thank those donated their time and talents to make it all possible. This is all going to come off like a cheesy awards show. But hey. This is my blog, and these people deserve an award.

Todd Banister registered, designed, and hosts the storyline web site. At my request, he built it to mimic the core VTES site. We wanted our site to be part of the core VTES web experience and while still being under our control. Without Todd’s help, if I had been reliant on the notorious White Wolf web maintenance team, the storyline wouldn’t have been possible.

When I saw Greg Williams gorgeous Whispers in the Dark storyline design I was immediately envious. I’m grateful that Greg agreed to extend his talents to core effort. And I’ve tried not to be too jealous when the document layouts themselves gathered more praise than the words I carefully selected to place upon them.

I was not the only one writing those words. Daria Patrie offered her assistance just as the storylines were getting under way. We met for the first and only time at the NAC in Montreal where we plotted out the overall story and how we might collaborate on it. Daria wrote the aftermath for Black Miracles and Lies, the aftermath for Anarchs & Alastors, the introduction and aftermath for Rise of the Imperator and the introduction to Eden’s Legacy.

The storyline fiction is not an easy format to write for. I had very specific demands for the plot points I wanted the fiction to express. And the strange requirements storytelling-by-spreadsheet mandated for the aftermath pieces could drive any writer to insanity. Daria handled it all with great skill and patience. Her storyline writing established characters, action, scenes, and settings with a level of quality, detail, an emotion I could not match. I’m truly grateful for her work and what her writing brought to the series.

I also want to thank Eric Chiang. He might prefer to have his role remain obscured but I’m going to drag him into the light. Eric was a great help, always engaged, whispering in my ear with excellent suggestions, fixing my many egregious errors, and keeping me on track. Thanks Eric.

While I’m here, I need to thank the makers of the great game itself. Thanks to Oscar for being the defender and advocate of the storylines and to White Wolf for letting me play in their big, scary sandbox. Thank you LSJ. Thank you for having that unique, curious combination that make you a an intensely creative game and set designer, the pedantic precision that makes you an excellent card text and rules designer, and for having the patience and commitment to be such a responsive issuer or rulings and the ultimate net-rep all these years. Thanks for using your powers for the good of VTES.

Last of all, thank you to all the friends and players and everyone who took part and helped forge the storylines. Thanks for all your feedback and criticism. I hope you’ve had half as much fun as I did.

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